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May 12, 2005

this blog has thus far been devoted to liberal politics. i have gotten many, many comments saying "yeah, yeah, we like the liberal stuff, but where's the damn slut?"

i have not posted in a long time. politics depresses me now. since bush "won" the election in '04, reading the news has become increasingly painful each day. and posting outrageous stories about our fearless leader and his henchmen is no longer funny, it's just sad. and scary. right now, i would rather leave these disturbing topics to the experts, like atrios and kos.

and so, i am changing my blog format to...


(update: go to my new blog at for new and improved sex advice)
i am an expert of many things, and sex is definitely one of them (as is no doubt indicated by my blog name). i have been reading a lot of sex advice columns recently, and when i read the answers given, often i think to myself "well shit, i could do better than THAT." and then today i thought "well, dammit, why don't i?"

i have a medical background, and give my female friends women's health advice all the time. i have experience with psychology, and give my friends mental health and relationship advice all the time (i have even earned the title of online psychologist on a board i belong to. and i am a slutty bisexual scorpio, and give my friends advice about sex. all the time.

i am not a judgmental person. partly because i've always been pretty compassionate, and partly because there's very little that surprises or shocks me, because i've done most of it myself. therefore people tend to feel comfortable coming to me with their secrets, stories, fears and problems. i listen and i truly care.

so here it is folks. the official unveiling of my sex advice blog. and i don't even need to change the name.

how it works

you (my loyal readers) can post questions or issues in the comments section of this post, or you can email them to me. i will then post them, along with my advice, here.

if you want to post your questions anonymously, you can absolutely do so. if you email them to me, i will NOT disclose your identity online or anywhere else. this is meant to be a completely confidential forum for people to talk about things that they may not feel comfortable discussing anywhere else.

it's also, of course, meant to be fun ;)

there is no topic too scary for me. no person i cannot relate to. gay, straight, bi, transgendered, polyamorist, sadomasochist... even republican :p all of your questions are welcomed. even if they don't have to do with pure sex. you have some weird bumps "down there" that you're worried about? ask. you hate your current method of birth control and don't know what to do? ask. you're having a little too much fun with drugs, and want to talk about it? ask (trust me, i've been there).

comments from others are also welcome. all i ask is that the comments be respectful and considerate. any derogatory or abusive comments will be promptly deleted.

so c'mon folks. give it to me. i promise, i won't disappoint ;)


Blogger darth said...

so...whats new with you? :)

7:59 PM  
Blogger lia said...

THIS is new with me ;)

9:50 PM  
Blogger Debra said...

Nice new twist. :) Making a note to link to you in my next update.

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Leparsell said...

So when is this page going to be updated?? lol

8:15 PM  

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