Friday, October 29, 2004

breaking news

Bin Laden: U.S. security depends on policy

Osama bin Laden delivered a new videotaped message in which he told Americans their security does not depend on the president they elect, but on U.S. policy.

He also claimed responsibility for the attacks of September 11, 2001, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

"Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda," bin Laden said in the video aired on the Arabic language network Al-Jazeera.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


zogby is on the daily show right now. he just said, after being asked by jon stewart who would win on tuesday. zogby said "kerry."

eminem's new video - mosh

this video is fucking amazing. some of the best bush-bashing i've seen to date.

you guys have to check it out if you haven't already seen it. i am fervently hoping against hope that it will affect thousands of young people and get them out to the polls.

it aired last night - wednesday, october 27 - on mtv and went straight to the top of the "hot video" charts.

a few favorite lyrics:

Strap him with AK-47, let him go
Fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way

We're responsible for this monster, this coward, that we have empowered
How could we allow something like this, without pumping our fist?
Now this is our final hour

In these closing statements, if they should argue, let us beg to differ, as we set aside our differences, and assemble our own army, to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president, for the present.

i heart eminem. minus the misogyny of course.

watch eminem's "mosh"

cute picture, but i'm still a little skeptical...

Genetically modified cats for sale


A California biotechnology company has started taking orders for a hypoallergenic cat for pet lovers prone to allergies.

The genetically engineered feline, which is expected to be available from 2007, is the first in a planned series of lifestyle pets, Los Angeles-based Allerca said in a press release.


In August, Genetic Savings & Clone -- another Californian company -- announced that it had successfully cloned two kittens from a one-year-old female Bengal cat and said it could clone anyone's pet for around $50,000.

do you think anyone would want to clone my cat?

perrie by purse.jpg
she's definitely useful on those cold winter nights... or when you need a pillow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the apocalypse?

so i'm watching the end of the total lunar eclipse and the red sox just won the world series.

i don't know whether to be exalted or terrified.

horoscope for the week

courtesy of freewill astrology.

i stole this idea from a friend of mine. but i love rob brezny's horoscopes... they are usually so damn accurate it's scary. this week is no different.

SCORPIO (week of october 28, 2004)
To be silent when it's time to speak is a weakness, says a Persian proverb. I say it's also a bad idea to speak when it's time to be silent. In the coming week, one of these rules or the other will always be in effect for you, Scorpio. To know which one is in ascendancy at any given time, you'll have to be very alert; conditions will be shifting constantly. Make it your goal to be so attuned to the fresh truth of each new moment that you will always express yourself when the time is ripe, and shut up when it isn't. Halloween costume suggestions: a pythoness or fortune-teller; a talking mime or a silent clown who carries around chalk and a portable chalkboard to communicate; Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with a muzzle.

this is exactly the lesson i have been learning in terms of my career. i do not have a problem with being silent when it's time to speak... but i DO have a problem with not knowing when to just shut the fuck up. this is something i've been very consciously aware of for the past few weeks. so interesting.

anyone else have a good one this week?

one-fingered victory salute

for those of you who haven't seen this yet.


you can also watch the video here.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

and if you want to REALLY get paranoid

here's a frightening article. i find the mention of a possible "civil war" somewhat disturbing. granted, the author did served as nixon's white house lawyer for a thousand days, so what does that tell you...

The Coming Post-Election Chaos:
A Storm Warning of Things to Come If the Vote Is as Close as Expected

This next presidential election, on November 2, may be followed by post-election chaos unlike any we've ever known.


This is a climate for trouble. A storm warning is appropriate. In the end, attorneys and legal strategy could prove as important, if not more so, to the outcome of this election as the traditional political strategists and strategy.


The Nightmare Scenario: An Election Up in the Air For Months

It may be days or weeks, if not months, before we know the final results of this presidential election. And given the Republican control of the government, if Karl Rove is on the losing side, it could be years: He will take every issue (if he is losing) to its ultimate appeal in every state he can.

The cost of such litigation will be great - with the capital of citizens' trust in their government, and its election processes, sinking along with the nation's (if not the world's) financial markets, which loathe uncertainty. After Bush v. Gore, is there any doubt how the high Court would resolve another round? This time, though, the Court, too, will pay more dearly. With persuasive power as its only source of authority, the Court's power will diminish as the American people's cynicism skyrockets.

It does not seem to trouble either Rove or Bush that they are moving us toward a Twenty-first Century civil war -- and that, once again, Southern conservatism is at its core. Only a miracle, it strikes me, can prevent this election from descending into post-election chaos. But given the alternatives, a miracle is what I am hoping for.

favorite republican ad of the day


remind me never to move to arkansas

someone needs to teach these guys how to lie better

White House Downplays Missing Iraq Explosives

The White House acknowledged Monday that nearly 380 tons of powerful explosives were missing from a weapons facility that American forces failed to guard after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, raising fears that the munitions could be given to militants or used for attacks against troops in Iraq.

ok, they acknowledged it. that's a good sign...

The timing of the theft was in dispute Monday. One Pentagon official said that when U.S. forces advancing toward Baghdad reached the Al Qaqaa military facility in early April 2003, the weapons cache was already gone. He suggested that the Americans had no chance to safeguard the material, which had been labeled and was being monitored by United Nations weapons inspectors.

"It had already been looted by the time U.S. forces went through there," the senior Defense official said. "When the troops went in, they never saw anything that was tagged."

oh, ok phew! it's not our fault.

Some cast doubt on the Pentagon's claim. Given the size of the missing cache, it would have been difficult to relocate undetected before the invasion, when U.S. spy satellites were monitoring activity at sites suspected of concealing nuclear and biological weapons.

"You don't just move this stuff in the middle of the night," said a former U.S. intelligence official who worked in Baghdad.

uh oh, that doesn't sound good. the stuff was still there? and the materials would have been more secure BEFORE the invasion? hmm...

Iraqi officials told the International Atomic Energy Agency — the U.N. monitoring group — earlier this month that the explosives were looted after April 9, 2003, when U.S. forces entered Baghdad. IAEA officials verified that the explosives were still at the site and under seal in January 2003, the last time the inspectors were there.

The IAEA had been monitoring the material — known as HMX and RDX — as part of the U.N. inspection program after the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

who to believe... who to believe...

David Kay, the CIA's former chief weapons hunter in Iraq, believes that the material was looted in the immediate aftermath of the war.

He said he saw the facility in May 2003, "and it was heavily looted at that time. Sometime between April and May, most of the stuff was carried off. The site was in total disarray, just like a lot of the Iraqi sites."

should we believe this guy?

The U.S. failure to guard hundreds of ammunition depots after the invasion has been well documented. Top military officials in Iraq believe that weapons taken from these sites have armed an insurgency that is taking American lives almost daily. More than 1,100 U.S. troops have been killed since the invasion began.

ouch, ok, back to not looking good. at all.

Officials at the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon insisted that the 380 tons of stolen explosives were not a nuclear threat and noted that roughly 400,000 tons of collected munitions in Iraq had either been destroyed or were in U.S. custody.

"There is not a nuclear proliferation risk," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One. "We're talking about conventional explosives."

ok, that's a relief. thank god we have scotty there to protect us! because after all, nuclear weapons are really all we have to fear from the terrorists.

i'm sorry, i meant "nucular."

quote of the day

"If this isn't good for my heart, I don't know what is."
BILL CLINTON, at a campaign rally in Philadelphia.


stupid 22nd amendment.

Monday, October 25, 2004


so i was just IMing with my canadian friend, and telling him about the w ketchup thing, and this totally cracked me up.

lia: and so, do you know what the republicans have done?
lia: this is so hilarious
"canadian friend": bombed heaven??


i think i need to sleep.

visualize winning

my musician friend has something he says whenever he plays a show: every day, take a moment to VISUALIZE president kerry. sounds cheesy, but whatever magic we can work will help!

in this vein, check out this video.

it simultaneously gives me chills and warms the cockles of my idealistic heart.

clinton joins the fray, with remarkable results

via rising hegemon and annatopia

take a look at this picture, taken in philadelphia earlier today during a rally that kerry and clinton both spoke at. the crowd estimate is at 430,000 people!


oh yes bill, cmon, yeah, just like that...

yes, so the man turns me on. you got a problem with that?!

more pics at getty images

you don't even have to look hard to make the bush-hitler connection

i got an email this morning about a group of bush relatives who are endorsing john kerry, bush relatives for kerry. i was gonna post it but fiat lux beat me to it.

but then i was reading the blog of evil science chick, and saw a link that looked extremely interesting. and it is.

talk about bush family members hurting w's re-election efforts...

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

His business dealings, which continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.



this article via blogenlust. you rock, john!

it's just too good not to post.

As Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder Sets In, Just Remember: You'll Live. Probably.

Americans are in the grip of a monster case of Pre-Election Anxiety Disorder. No one is talking about voter apathy anymore, because the opposite is more likely the case. People care too much. They're losing sleep. They're having bad dreams about unfavorable tracking polls.

yeah, zogby needs to stay the fuck out of my dreams!

the incompetence... the incompetence...

Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq

(this link is to the kerry site's re-post of the nytimes article, since you need to be a ny times user to read the ny times. but i checked and its the same text, word for word.)

The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives - used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons - are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations.

The huge facility, called Al Qaqaa, was supposed to be under American military control but is now a no man's land, still picked over by looters as recently as Sunday. United Nations weapons inspectors had monitored the explosives for many years, but White House and Pentagon officials acknowledge that the explosives vanished sometime after the American-led invasion last year.

it amazes me (why? i dont know) that this administration has been so diligent in carrying out their occupation and "hunting down terrorists," yet somehow didn't keep a watch on this widely known facility that manufactured a HUGE amount of explosives. WMD's! they kept shouting. WMD's! so they didn't find any of those, but somehow just let all these explosives disappear?

the irony. really.

one of my favorite scenes in "team america" (a film to which i still say "... wtf WAS that?!") is when they turn to "intelligence," a giant super computer in their lair. the computer, "intelligence," had told them that there were terrorists in the wrong location. the leader goes, "yes, that was bad intelligence." he turns to look at the computer. "bad intelligence!" he says. "sorry," says the computer. and that's the end of that.

you know the bush administration is wishing that it could be that easy. well actually, it kind of was.

anyway, kerry quickly responded to this news, of course.

"George W. Bush who talks tough and brags about making America safer has once again failed to deliver. After being warned about the danger of major stockpiles of explosives in Iraq, this administration failed to guard those stockpiles – where nearly 380 tons of highly explosive weapons were kept. Today we learned that these explosives are missing, unaccounted for and could be in the hands of terrorists.

"The unbelievable incompetence of this president and his administration has put our troops at risk. George W. Bush has failed the essential test of any commander in chief to keep America safe."

you go john! just hope that people are actually listening... hello, american people? hello? bueller?

national celibacy day

an email i got today:

Don't forget:

National Celibacy Day

November 2


Pass on this info --your life may depend on it

not to be confused with f the vote, whose tactics you should ALL being using every day until nov. 1!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

bush wins florida!

this made me laugh.

With Jeb Bush as governor, and voting machine maker Diebold contributing to the Republican party, this might be what voting is like across Florida on Nov 2.

it's funny cause it's dutch

edited to add: kerry hones his speech is pretty funny too

the occupation is going well

more good news from iraq

Massacre of unarmed Iraqi soldiers

Iraqi authorities have discovered the bodies of 44 Iraqi soldiers and four drivers after they were ambushed and killed overnight near the Iraq-Iran border, an Iraqi military commander said Sunday.

Col. Jassem Mohammed Alaiwa, commander of the Iraqi National Guards, said the soldiers were killed "execution style" -- along with their four drivers. They had been forced to lie down and were shot in the head about 80 miles east of Baghdad.

The soldiers had just completed training and were heading toward Basra in southern Iraq, Alaiwa said.


On Saturday, two suicide car bombings and a drive-by shooting killed at least 14 people in separate incidents.

and those 14 people were all iraqis.

this reminds me of what goes on in ghettos here in the states. black on black crime, people living in a culture of poverty and fear killing each other off instead of focusing on the source of their oppression. i'm not saying i WANT the iraqi insurgents to kill more americans, but i find it ironic and depressing that - although we're losing troops there too, of course - on the whole, all that's being accomplished is the death of more iraqi people. the situation is degrading into the equivalent of a civil war... with the added benefits of a us occupation.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

let the voter intimidation begin!

Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

Republican Party officials in Ohio took formal steps yesterday to place thousands of recruits inside polling places on Election Day to challenge the qualifications of voters they suspect are not eligible to cast ballots.

Party officials say their effort is necessary to guard against fraud arising from aggressive moves by the Democrats to register tens of thousands of new voters in Ohio, seen as one of the most pivotal battlegrounds in the Nov. 2 elections.

Republican officials said they had no intention of disrupting voting but were concerned about the possibility of fraud involving thousands of newly registered Democrats.

"The organized left's efforts to, quote unquote, register voters - I call them ringers - have created these problems," said James P. Trakas, a Republican co-chairman in Cuyahoga County.

yes, damn those democrats and their evil voter registration tactics! i'm sorry, i mean "ringer" registration tactics. i can see mr. trakas' point... i mean, black people dont even really know how to read, how could they possible make an informed choice about who should be president?

"Our concern is Republicans will be challenging in large numbers for the purpose of slowing down voting, because challenging takes a long time,'' said David Sullivan, the voter protection coordinator for the national Democratic Party in Ohio. "And creating long lines causes our people to leave without voting."

oh, did i mention that the republicans are only placing recruits in heavily democratic areas?

i think i need to stop reading the news for the next week... i might have an aneurysm if i dont.

virtual reality?

mr underhill recently posted:

"Ok, this is sickening. The now have a bunch of shootem up games from the military. They are very advanced and very realistic and very well done and they are FREE.

"Basically these free games are being used to train the future of america and recruit them at a very early age.

"Sort of unreal to me. We do need soldiers but this seems kind of creepy, no?"

in this context, what space does this fit into?


Mission 24 - Description
John Kerry's Silver Star

The low thunder of your engine churns up the water behind you as you lead three Swift Boats through the small tributaries deep in the Delta. The dense brush on either side is hiding people who want to kill you. This is the mission that won John Kerry a Silver Star, and similar “river raids” like it have claimed the lives of dozens of Swift Boat sailors before you.

i wonder if he's wishing now that a few more "swift boat" sailors had been taken out...

link via fiat lux via first draft

Friday, October 22, 2004

more on margaret hassan

i hate it when the internet makes me cry

Abducted Aid Worker in Iraq Begs for Life

Trembling, haggard and weeping into a tissue, Margaret Hassan, the kidnapped British aid worker who has spent nearly half her life delivering food and medicine in Iraq, begged Britain on Friday to help save her by withdrawing its troops, saying these "might be my last hours."

"Please help me, please help me," Hassan, who heads CARE International operation in Iraq, said in a grainy videotape broadcast by Al-Jazeera television. "This might be my last hours. Please help me. Please, the British people, ask Mr. Blair to take the troops out of Iraq, and not to bring them here to Baghdad."

the video is here.

a soldier's view

quotation of the day from the ny times:

"You know, a lot of people are dying around here. We got bigger things on our mind to worry about than who wants to be president."

but... ok, never mind.

great find

link to this site stolen shamelessly from the blog of fiat lux


so go ahead, enjoy the draft!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

i bought a kerry vote in wisconsin!

i was inspired by the tradition of "f the vote", a hilarious site you should all check out - if you haven't already. it's probably a sham started by some crafty horny guy, but funny all the same:

SEXY LIBERALS OF THE U.S. UNITE in taking back the government from the sexually repressed, right-wing, zealots in control! Everyone knows liberals are hotter than conservatives - we look hotter, we dress hotter, our ideas are hotter, and we are infinitely hotter in the sack. We must use our sexual appeal to our advantage, as one more weapon in our already diverse arsenal. By stripping conservatives out of their clothes, we can also strip them of their power.

At Fuck The Vote we provide a Pledge Sheet that can be used conveniently before becoming physically intimate with a conservative. The Pledge Sheet asks the signee to make a promise to vote for anyone but George Bush in the November election. FTV has not endorsed a single candidate but recommends strategic voting. We also encourage FTV fans to take road trips this summer to swing(er) states to collect pledges. If you collect a pledge let us know about it on the Swinger States page! Have safe fun fucking over Bush while fucking for votes.

now, i think this is a great idea, and might consider it... if every person that i knew and could potentially fuck wasn't already voting for kerry (yes i live in a bubble). i think i might have a hard time fucking anyone stupid enough to vote for bush anyway... but my patriotism (and my sluttiness) run deep!

but that's not how i bought the kerry wisconsin vote.

you see, i have a secret total geek side, which was primarily awakened by my reading a fantasy series called "a song of ice and fire," by george r. r. martin, a year or so ago. the series fucking ROCKS, by the way... i highly recommend them. i wasn't even a fantasy/sci-fi reader until i read these books. anyway, in my geekdom, i met some people on a chat board for these books, and became "IM friends" with a few of them. one guy, who lives in wisconsin, has no interest in politics and was not going to vote.

but he has been after me for months to read "the dark tower" series by stephen king.

so i made a deal with him.

you vote for kerry, i said, and i'll read the entire goddamn 7 book series.

done, said he.

i'm especially happy about this because:

Poll: Bush ahead in Wisconsin

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll [conducted october 16-19] indicated Bush had a narrow lead in the battleground state of Wisconsin, which has 10 electoral votes.

i just hope the books don't totally suck...

is nothing sacred?

is that just an incredibly naive question?

as someone whose life goal has always been to do international humanitarian work - primarily in the health care arena - this just discourages the hell out of me. it's fucking scary.

The CARE International charity has suspended its operations in Iraq the day after the aid agency's chief of operations was kidnapped in Baghdad.

Margaret Hassan, the head of CARE International operations in Iraq, was taken captive early Tuesday. Her captors have so far given no demands or explanations as to why she was snatched.

and of course CARE pulled out... i admire them for staying in there so long; they were, as the article says, one of the few NGOs to stay in iraq after 2 italian aid workers were kidnapped in september.

so what the hell are they kidnapping aid workers for? i understand kidnapping soldiers, contractors, people working for halliburton, etc, though that is also bad, of course. but the responsibility of those kidnappings was claimed by named groups, like al-zarqawi and others, who have a clear objective. horrendeous as those beheadings were, i can understand the motive behind them. but this?

no clear objective

Margaret Hassan, who holds dual British and Iraqi citizenships, is credited with helping the poorest and neediest Iraqis.

Patients at a Baghdad hospital took to the streets Wednesday in protest of her abduction and credited her with helping to rebuild the medical facility last year.

Her husband said he has not been contacted by the kidnappers, has no idea who abducted his wife, and asked for her release.

you've got to have a pretty shitty occupation going on for people to try to alienate humanitarian groups who are bringing health care, food and water... especially when they're not even being paid by the occupying government... and are non-profit...

gooooooo bush!

(no really, i mean it. go.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

the fuckers backed down

Sinclair will not air entire anti-Kerry film

Sinclair Broadcast will not widely broadcast in its entirety a documentary critical of John Kerry’s anti-war activities, and plans to show only parts of the 42-minute film incorporated in a special, the company said.

"A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media," will examine the "role of the media in filtering the information contained in these documentaries, allegations of media bias by media organizations that ignore or filter legitimate news and the attempts by candidates and other organizations to influence media coverage," the company said in a statement. It will air Friday on 40 of the company’s stations.

and all it took was an fec complaint from the democratic party stating that airing the film would have been making an illegal campaign contribution to Bush's re-election effort, public criticism from their washington bureau chief (whom they of course fired immediately), a nationwide outcry... oh yeah, and the loss of their advertisors and stockholders.

a graph of sinclair's stocks from friday, oct 15 to wednesday, oct 20

HA ha!

today's electoral vote prediction

according to
kerry: 291
bush: 247

according to slate
kerry: 276
bush: 262

*crosses fingers, and toes, and everything else possible to cross*

quotation of the day

from the new york times

"It remains puzzling to me that no one objects to my baptizing the children of gay parents, blessing their home, their car and their dog, yet I cannot bless the loving relationship which makes this family's life possible without upsetting so many of our Anglican brothers and sisters."
JOHN CHANE, Episcopal bishop of Washington.

problematizing the hegelian dialectic

when i was researching that conspiracy theory i posted a few posts back, i somehow stumbled onto this site, which is ironic because a friend and i were just discussing hegelian "constructs" the other night.

critique of the method

"The dialectical method of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) consists of two main steps: the invention of artificial extremes ("thesis" and "antithesis") which superficially conflict with each other, and the synthesis from that conflict of a goal, which is made to appear to be the product of consensus. The artificial extremes are chosen and propagandized (marginalizing the population) in such a way that the goal is naturally synthesized from them. It is, essentially, a trick - a fraud. It is a strategy of ideological divide-and-conquer. The dialectic ruse dissipates the energy and coherency of its targets - unless they recognize the ruse as such.

"A central precept of the Hegelian ethic is that people are principally motivated by the desire to receive the approval and recognition of others, and to avoid their disapproval. Since this motivation is not predicated on the reasonableness of that approval or disapproval, the principle is a mechanism by which an individual delegates arbitrary control to others. This is, obviously, an enabling principle of collectivism. By encouraging people to embrace this tendency, and amplify it into a preeminent mechanism of decision making, Hegelianism works directly to subvert the individual.

"A Hegelian dialectic can be called a "triple-false dichotomy" - three lies that jail. A triple-false dichotomy is an ostensible dichotomy between two artificial, i.e. false, extremes, which are not in fact diametric in consequence (that is, the third falsehood is the precept that the extremes are related dichotomously). Each extreme is nonsensical or otherwise morally void, and by causing rhetoric to be dominated by ostensible adherents of these extremes, those exposed lose some or most of their capacity to reason about the topic. The most frightening, insidious way that reason is subverted is this: a dialectical environment is one in which the synthesis is something like a geometric bisection of the positions of two roughly equally extreme (and irrational) poles. In this environment, people at the poles (most people) fear to venture toward forthright support of a rational middle ground (solution, as distinct from synthesis) because they expect the synthesis to then be skewed in the direction of their polar opponents. People are locked at the poles and unwilling to openly discuss the domain of the solution, expecting such discussion to be interpreted as weakness, with the result that the synthesis has free reign and the solution has little chance to be realized."

hegelian dynamics and the two-party system

"In the realm of public elections... the establishment can and does enforce dialectics, shredding morale and integrity. In popular voting and in legislatures, there is a 50% threshhold for approval, an artificially low threshhold subject to flittering and hysteresis, ideally suited to manipulation by the dialectical method and by the mass media. The winner-take-all model is an obviously corrupt principle, in which the intent of those voters who voted against the victor are ostensibly represented by the victor, who then claims to command the authority not just of those who voted for him, but of all those who were eligible to vote for him. Since most of any large population - 60%, 70%, or higher - consists of people of ordinary intelligence, preoccupied with the mechanics of making a living in a specialty disconnected from politics, centralized control of a mass media apparatus can always be translated into dictation of who is elected (this centralization of control is detailed in the media chapter of my compilation). Finally, the two-party system is a prima facie dialectic, perpetuated by the mass media apparatus, and permitting a second major form of centralized electoral control by controlling who is eligible to run under the banner of one of the two politically subsidized perpetual parties. In short, this is a tyrannical oligarchy, masquerading as a tyranny of the majority, masquerading as a democracy, masquerading as a representative republic."

i love that.

the "solution"

"For each dialectic, I identify the commonality between the ostensible extremes (undermining the precept of opposition), the intended synthesis, and the solution by which the dialectic trap can be escaped. For the solutions, I crib liberally from my Innovist constitution."

the author then goes on perform his own "hegelian" analysis of several dialectics. there are a lot of good ones: love vs. hate, idealism vs. pragmatism, etc.

and the most interesting one, and relevant to this blog:

sexual regimentation vs. sexual liberalism

"Sexual regimentation is a patriarchal system in which sex is forbidden except between formally and officially married couples, and must be in the traditional "missionary position." In sexual regimentation, marriage is between people of opposite sexes, typically similar ages with the female younger than the male, equal races, equal classes, and similar religious alignments. The production of children commences soon after marriage, and the raising of children is traditional and performed principally by the mother. Divorce is considered to be a disgrace, masturbation is considered to be an unmentionable perversion, birth control is risqué, and abortion is all but verboten. There is virtually no frank discussion of sexuality. Prostitution and mistresses are components of sexual regimentation, and are names for sexual infractions by patriarchs which are forgiven if engaged in discretely. Harems are a variation of sexual regimentation. In many cases, infanticide constrained by a system of standards is an aspect of sexual regimentation. Compulsory, institutionalized eugenics is also a form of sexual regimentation. A mouthpiece of sexual regimentation is the Catholic Church.

"Sexual liberalism is a system in which a loosely defined "sex" is acceptable between one or more people who are all consenting adults or all consenting non-adults, and can involve any combination of genders, organs, fetishes, and practices. Sexual liberalism pointedly and explicitly rejects sexual regimentation in all its dimensions. Adherents of sexual liberalism do not value, or even recognize, any degree of inviolability in relationships, instead viewing the universe of candidate sexual partners as a population either without internal partitions or with constantly shifting internal partitions. No sexual morality is practically adhered to. Birth control and abortion are routine. Sexuality is discussed freely and routinely. Children, when they happen to be born, are often not part of complete families for many or all of their formative years, and are often subjected to various ``progressive'' child-raising programs and trends in which the parent or parents have little participation. The genetic parents are often not the guardians. Sexual liberalism includes androgynism, transvestitism, and partial and full transsexualism. A dimension of feminism is a component of sexual liberalism. Cosmopolitan magazine (Hearst) is an undiluted mouthpiece of sexual liberalism. "Change of Heart," seen on the WB network (Time Warner), is an extreme exhibition of sexual liberalism. Loveline, distributed via Viacom's MTV and Westinghouse's WXRK (K-Rock east, home base of Howard Stern) and KROQ (K-Rock west, home base of Loveline), is a striking though less uniform mouthpiece.

"Note also that an endless stream of movies and books portray the romantic, epic love affair as an imperative for full and satisfactory living, thereby encouraging people to fall in love without reserve. However, the practical realities of contemporary culture generally thwart the success of such affairs. In fact, such affairs are practically seen as absurd and naïve, and those who embrace them as mentally ill. The effect of this system is to manufacture broken hearts, and the utility of this to the establishment is self-evident, since the broken hearted tend toward distinctly attenuated adherence to personal principle and the dictates virtue.

commonality: neither recognizes nor permits natural romantic pairing, and denies the validity of the epic romance

synthesis: contorted laws and policies that artificially blur boundaries between overtures, relationships, harassment, and rape, poisoning the entire (socially crucial) arena

synthesis: sexual and moral confusion - manipulability of objective and of the bases of decision-making

solution: self-knowledge, honesty and forthrightness in relationships, serial monogamy, procreation only when a nurturing environment is reasonably expected for the duration of childhood"

i'm not sure how much i agree with the analysis, but i found this site fascinating nonetheless. i love studying the nature of dualism and its constructs... perhaps it's my gemini moon.

although the author writes of "democratic vs. republican", "This is not a real dichotomy: it is used to confuse and politically neuter the public, and to facilitate and conceal legislative actions that lack popular support," he does have a breakdown of "liberal vs. conservative" and their associated "poles" at the very bottom of the page. great stuff!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

bush attempts to make "jews for buchanan" a reality

this is so funny. i thought his faith dictates that all jews are going to hell...?

Bush signs global anti-Semitism law

"This nation will keep watch; we will make sure that the ancient impulse of anti-Semitism never finds a home in the modern world," Bush said as he campaigned in the key battleground state of Florida. The state's Jewish population is the third largest in the world after Israel and New York.

Florida is the richest haul among the battleground states expected to decide the November 2 presidential election, with 27 electoral college votes out of the 270 needed to win.

Jewish voters are thought to favor Democrats historically, but the Bush campaign hopes that his strong support for Israel and aggressive outreach efforts could win a majority of Florida's sizeable Jewish community.

oy, i say. oy!

interesting conspiracy theory

my dad sent this to me. i'm not sure how much i trust a lawyer on this one, especially a lawyer who has a $7 billion 911 taxpayers' lawsuit going against the bush administration... but there are some interesting facts there nonetheless.

stanley hilton is bob dole's former chief of staff, a political scientist and a lawyer. he went to school with rumsfeld, wolfowitz and others, and he wrote his thesis about how to turn america into a dictatorship using a fake pearl harbor attack. he's suing the u.s. government for carrying out 9/11.

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

a few excerpts:

"Our case is alleging that Bush and his puppets Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, Tenet, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9/11 to happen but in actually ordering it to happen. Bush personally ordered it to happen. We have some very incriminating documents as well as eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to gain political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neocons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East."


"SH (stanley hilton): I have interviewed individuals in NORAD and the Air Force. I personally toured NORAD many years ago around the time that I worked for Dole. I'm very familiar with the operations at Cheyenne Mountain at Colorado Springs, where NORAD is. Individuals that work in NORAD as well as the Air Force have stated this, off the record, but the point is, yes, this was not just five drills but at least 35 drills over at least two months before September 11th. Everything was planned, the exact location.

AJ (alex jones - interviewer): But five drills that day.

SH: That day, that day, and Bush thought it was a drill. That's the only explanation for why he appeared nonchalant.

note: i have to add something here... that is NOT the only explanation... the other one is that he's a slack jawed cretin. but anyway...

AJ: We also had NORAD officers and civilian air traffic controllers going, "Is this part of the exercise? Is this a drill?"

SH: Yes.

AJ: On the tapes and in TV interviews, they thought it was, quote, a drill.

SH: That's right. That's exactly what I said long before it became public. I've known about this since earlier in March of '03, as I stated before. This was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder.

... I mean look, they say they never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings -said it all over television - Rice, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft... and it turns out they had all these drills - and one drill of hijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center and Pentagon at 8:30 in the morning. That morning - come on people!"

info and a pretty hysterical article about the lawsuit can also be found here.

has anyone read about this before? what do you think?

Urge House and Senate Conferees to Remove Anti-Immigrant Provisions from the 9-11 Bill

a friend of mine works at an immigration law firm and she just sent me this urgent action alert today. i thought i would post it here.

The Congress is about to vote on a very serious amendment to the immigration laws which has been attached to the 9-11 commission recommendations bill which is being rushed through Congress by the Republicans just before the election. They are try to push through very serious eliminations of protections of fundamental rights for immigrants, asylum seekers, and those challenging their deportation in court.

Do NOT let Congress Sacrifice Fundamental Values Under the Guise of Enhancing Security. SPEAK OUT NOW! Designated Representatives and Senators are meeting in conference, beginning this Wednesday, to preside over the marriage of diametrically opposed bills. If you oppose:

-a radical expansion of drive-by-deportations,
-heightened burdens for asylum seekers,
-repatriation of foreign nationals to countries where they will be tortured,
-more mandatory indefinite detentions,
-limitations on First Amendment rights for noncitizens,
-suspension of the Great Writ of habeas corpus for the first time since the Civil War,
-restrictions on driver's licenses and consular id cards,

You must be heard NOW!

Call and write your Members of Congress today and urge the conferees to show their commitment to just laws and due process by opposing inclusion of H.R. 10's anti-immigrant provisions in the bill that gets reported from Conference."

click here to send pre-drafted letters to your congresspeople. it's a pretty cool site actually; it has all the congresspeople and their pictures and you can just click and send them pre-drafted letters.

there is a long list of congresspeople listed below; if you dont have time to send letters to all of the, the most important people to send to are YOUR congressperson and senators (which will pop up automatically when you click the link above).

Besides your own congressperson and senators, the other 3 most important people to send to are Susan Collins (R-Maine) who is carrying the bill (first on the list below), Mike DeWine, (R-Ohio) and John Sununu, (R-NH)who may be open to hearing our message.


From the linked page, click "elected officials" at the top
  1. You will see a search page, from which you can search for the conference committee member by name (or name and state). Enter one name (from the list at the end of this email), and click "GO"
  2. The list of possible name matches will appear - chose the correct name, which will bring up a bio of that member.
  3. Click on "Send Message" which will bring up a list of issues to chose from
  4. Chose the first button on the list "Urge House and Senate Conferees to Remove Anti-Immigrant Provisions from the 9-11 Bill"
  5. That will bring up the draft of the pre-printed letter, then either re-enter your address or make sure it is correct. Click "send message". Some congress people require you to choose a topic, and you may be given a list - choose "Homeland Security" if it is on option, and if not, choose "immigration" or other related topic.
  6. Once sent, go back to step one and re-do, once for each conferee listed below.

here is the full list of senate conferees. send to all of them if you can! if not, the 3 listed above would be great.

Senate Conferees:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) - 207-945-0417
Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) - 913-451-9343
Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) - 601-965-4644
Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) - 614-469-6697
Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) - 614-469-5186
Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MI) - 651-645-0323
Sen. John Sununu (R-NH) - 603-647-7500
Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) - 860-549-8463
Sen. Carl Levin(D-MI) - 586-226-6020
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) - 312-353-4952
Sen. John Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) - 304-347-5372
Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL) – 305-536-7293
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) - 973-639-8704

House Conferees:

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) - 616-395-0030
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) - 619-579-3001
Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) 630-832-5950
Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R- WI) 262-784-1111
Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) - 626-852-2626
Rep. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) 201-222-2828
Rep. Jane Harmon (D-CA) 310-643-3636
Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO) 573-635-3499

onto the next bushbashing website!


this is an extremely cool little video about the florida election results. its scary, and the music's good. make sure you have your sound on.

Monday, October 18, 2004

lyrics of the day

well it's harder to be friends than lovers
and you shouldn't try to mix the two
cause if you do it and you're still unhappy
then you know that the problem is you

-Liz Phair

ps: the funny thing is, i dont even agree with that statement. sex with friends is the greatest! only in this specific situation does that lyric hold truth.


my horoscope for the week, courtesy of free will astrology

its fascinating to me how horoscopes can sometimes be so exactly on target

Your recent "experiment" reminds me of the Malaysian performance artist who locked herself in a glass box with 2,700 scorpions, hoping to remain there for 30 days. After being stung by the poisonous arachnids seven times, she almost left early. Ultimately, though, she toughed it out. I figure you are at a point in your own adventure where you've managed to survive the equivalent of five stings, Scorpio. But in my opinion you've already proved your point. I suggest you finish the "experiment" immediately.

ok, i dont really like to do this on my blog, but i'm going to go into "here is my life laid open for all to see" blogging style. which i usually despise. but this is just for this post. and it has to do with being a slut! which should please all you slutphiles ;)

the experiment i read from this horoscope is the experiment of trying to have casual sex with someone when there are romantic feelings (on my part) involved. that doesnt happen to me very often... i rarely get emotionally attached to my fuck-buddies - remember, i AM a slut). but unreciprocated emotional attachment has been known to happen for me... 5 times, actually (thats whats so eerily on target about this horoscope) and those 5 "stings" have hurt like hell. but i have survived.

and last night was sting number 6. someone got through the 3 year armoring of my heart. and then i got hurt.

i really dont think i can take another, a number 7. i'm so tired of toughing it out. and i think i HAVE proved my point: that i am almost always able to have casual sex without any romantic attachment.

i am not indicating that i will discontinue having casual sex. at ALL :p but when i feel a romantic attachment growing, a chink in my armor giving way, and i know that my feelings are pretty much unreciprocated, i plan to break it off, then and there. that's what i should have done this time, and what i should have done with the previous 5 throughout my life. i should have gotten out of the scorpion box.

so this current experiment is finished. now, onto the very necessary process of re-closing my heart. it hurts too much when it's open.

it'll be easy. i've done it before. the hard part is not letting it open again.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

war and sex

you asked for it...

i wrote this almost 10 years ago, so bear with the rather simplistic writing style.

The oldest known religion in the world is that of the Mother Earth Goddess. She reigned supreme for at least 25,000 years throughout the world. The earth, and everything that came from it, was considered sacred, because these earliest peoples knew that they relied solely upon the fruits of the earth for their survival. Small Goddess figures and images have been found on every continent on this planet. Archeological evidence points to gender equanimity in these societies. Sexuality was most likely considered normal, healthy, and sacred, because it begot life. Women were honored for their life-giving powers, and, for the most part, peace reigned.

But about 10,000 years ago, things began to change. Women's bodies began to be considered "dirty" and “sinful,” sex, "unclean," and men began to gain control of almost all aspects of life and culture which had formerly been equally shared by both men and women. What brought this about? Why did it happen? What brought about women's massive loss of power over their lives and bodies?

Archeological considerations

The oldest Paleolithic female figurine ever found is dated circa 30,000 BCE. She is the "Venus" of Galgenberg. She is large and voluptuous, with protruding breasts and a well defined vulva. She has grace and movement, very different from her later "sisters" found, who are often portrayed as somewhat "static and symmetrical" (Lubell, p. 57). Before her discovery in 1988, it was thought that the most ancient known art were rocks found in the Dordogne region of France which had vulva shapes carved upon them. They are dated circa 29, 000 BCE, and represent the vulva as a sacred, life giving force. Oddly, they bear a striking resemblance to large stones found in the Cordilleras of Bolivia, which are also engraved with vulva shapes. These Bolivian stones have not been dated, but this illustrates that the concept of the vulva as sacred was not limited to Europe.

Another "Venus" was found carved into a rock wall, again in the Dordogne region of France. She is full-breasted and wide-hipped, and is shown looking towards a crescent moon she holds in her hand. The moon has thirteen marks incised in it, which is very significant. Thirteen is the number of lunar months in a full year, and the lunar month is closely related to women's menstrual cycles and to their fertility. This carving can be seen to signify that women's cycles were greatly honored in that society.

A Neolithic settlement discovered in Lepenski Vir, Serbia, has been shown by carbon dating to have been settled for almost a thousand years, from about 5410 to 4610 BCE. Fifty four sculptures were found embedded in the floor of the settlement, next to "hearth-altars" (Lubell, p. 73) found. Most of these sculptures are around two to three feet high, and are the "oldest stone monumental sculptures yet discovered" (Lubell, p. 75). Some were carved as faces, some as whole bodies. One is an exact image of a vulva. But the most unique sculpture found is that of a "Fish Goddess." She dates circa 4680 BCE. Her face is that of a fish, her mouth drooping, her eyes staring. She has two small breasts, compressed in the boulder shape, and her hands hold open her vulva. Anthropologists who have studied this area have come to the conclusion that the Fish Goddess was worshipped there as "Mistress of Life and
Death, a generative womb" (Lubell, p. 76).

These are only a few of the thousands of mother goddess figurines ever discovered. They date from 30,000 BCE to 4,000 BCE, though the concept of goddesses has never completely disappeared. However, the above time period is when the Goddess seemed to be a primary deity. While male figures and images have been found from this time period, they are a rarity. This is significant in that it shows that the Goddess, in whatever form, was the main spiritual focus of these early human societies. If one looks at the correlation today between the widely worshipped male god(s) (Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, etc) and the status of men versus women, one wonders what the effects of the widespread worship of a female deity must have been.

The most obvious reason for the worship of a Goddess in the first place seems obvious. Women give birth, and therefore are seen as the creators of life. While the maternity of a child was always obvious, paternity was hard to monitor. This, incidentally, changed around 4000 BCE, when severe sexual restrictions began to be placed on women so that men could ensure the paternity of their children. However, before this, women were the head of the family unit, because they were the only "definite" parent. Land, power, property: these were all passed through the generations by women, from mother to daughters. Hoever, these matrilineal societies were not necessarily matriarchal. "While no cultures have been found where women dominate, there is ample evidence of societies where the sexes are either 'integrated and equal' or 'separate and equal'" (Anderson & Zinsser, p. 13). Many times the brother of a woman who played an important role shared it with her; their relationship was confirmed, because they had the same mother. There is no evidence that men were oppressed or disempowered, it simply seemed more logical to pass down inheritances through the definite parent, the mother.

In these mother-kinship societies, it appears that women enjoyed equality and freedom. They were allowed to choose their sexual and marriage partners, sex outside of marriage was generally accepted and in some societies, polyandry was the norm. Women were very active in the spiritual life of their clans, acting as priestesses, holy women, and healers. They were warriors, they were involved in business (in agricultural societies). In short, there were many less restrictions placed upon women of that time period than the ones that were to become the dominant paradigm throughout the world.

This was a time period when women were greatly respected. They may have been regarded with a kind of awe, even fear, because of their regenerative powers. Menstruation may have been seen as an almost threatening power. Certainly it inspired a type of envy ("womb envy", perhaps?). This is can be interpreted from the fact that men's rituals that marked their passage from boyhood to manhood "often involve symbolic equivalents to menstruation or childbearing: bloodletting, scarification, the courageous bearing of pain." (Anderson & Zinsser, p. 12) Woman's role of mother gave them a definite value and function. This may have been threatening to men. Many psychologists argue that "men have a greater fear of - and thus, need to dominate and control- women then women have of men." (Anderson & Zinsser, p. 12)

Why did it happen?

Men's need to control women has obviously prevailed for thousands of years. But the question is, why? When, and why, did the switch from matrilineal to patrilineal occur? What situation came about which enabled men to take over?

A recurring theory seems to be that it had to do with the birth of warrior cultures. As the human population grew, different groups of people began to infringe on each others' territories, competing for the same resources, especially in the area of hunting. Warring against neighboring groups of people became the means for a group's survival. As these conditions grew, so did the tendency to subordinate women. "Female subordination appeared only where there was such ecological and social stress." (Anderson & Zinsser, p.13) As these formerly mostly peaceful cultures transformed into warrior cultures, the weapons used were hunting weapons. weapons. Men became the primary warriors, since in most hunting-gathering societies, men were the primary hunters, and the ones most trained in the use of hunting weapons, most likely because men possessed (on average) greater physical strength than women, and women stayed closer to home to care for their children. "Male monopoly of these weapons and the skills to use them can easily lead to male dominance of women, either through action or the threat of force." (Anderson & Zinsser, p. 14).

Destruction became valued over fertility. War over sexuality.

In cultures where war is the primary means of survival, men, as warriors, have a value and a function, as women have always had because of their childbearing capacities. This is an “incentive” for men to perpetuate the warrior mentality. Though all warrior cultures were not patriarchal (the Amazons being a notable exception), that seemed to have been be the general trend.

Once there is an established tendency towards male warfare, women need male protection from other male warriors, especially if a woman is pregnant or nursing. Although this protection often results in her own subordination, she must do it for her own survival and that of her group and her offspring.

At this point, the sacred value of women's bodies, their menstruation, their sexuality, begins to become devalued. The appearance of menstrual taboos to protect men from "contamination" is one of the first examples of this. Today's attitudes towards menstruation still reflect these taboos, though clearly they exist more prevalently in some cultures than others.

Following this came the penalties for women who had pre- or extra-marital sex. This was most likely instituted for the purpose of controlling paternity. For, as men gained control over women, it was no longer consistent for women to have control over their own property, land, children and lives. So penalties were instituted; death by stoning being a prime example.

It is interesting to note that some of the dramatic changes which occurred concerning women's status in these areas happened over a period of only a few hundred years.

For example, in Sumer, at about 2000 BC, rapists were put to death. However, in the laws of Assyria, between 1450 and 1250 BC, if a man raped a woman, the husband or father of that woman should then rape the rapist's wife or daughter and/or marry his own daughter to the rapist. Hebrew law dictated that the raped woman should marry her rapist, unless she was engaged or married already, in which case she should be put to death. This law clearly illustrates the concern over paternity, for there is no other clear reason that a rape victim should be killed, except that she may be carrying a child with an ambiguous father. The law about raping the rapist's wife or daughter shows the attitude of women as property. If you raped a woman, it was her male owner you were offending, not her, by defiling his property. Interesting, that women so quickly went from controlling property to becoming it.

There are so many other examples of this change. The Adam and Eve story is a good one. Eve was tempted by a serpent. The serpent has historically been a symbol of the Goddess in many regions throughout the world. This story is, among other things, an attempt (successful, as it turns out) to discredit the Goddess and put a male God firmly into place. And then there is the whole concept of Adam creating Eve. This is blatantly counterintuitive to biological truths. It is obviously women who create – give birth to - men, not the other way around. Goddess societies honored women for their ability to create life. This story strips that honor away from women and uses it to make men appear all powerful. It upsets the balance in a number of ways and creates gender disparities which factor into the disempowerment of women.

The conquering of the Goddess and all she represented had extreme repercussions on human history (herstory?). And although we will probably never know for sure what brought it about, the dominant theory seems to be that of increasing human population, a greater value placed upon competition and male warfare, and therefore, an increasing desire to control paternity and male control of property. The patrilineal control which resulted and which still exists in our social structures today is a curious phenomenon. From an evolutionary standpoint, it is interesting to contemplate why this happened. Was it natural selection? Were aggressive, dominating men and submissive, acquiescing women selected for? Were these traits necessary for human survival because of the increasing population?

There is also the possibility that these traits were introduced into our cultures simply because of male desire for power. They may actually have nothing to do with survival at all. It is a very human trait to dominate that which is easily dominated, and, with the birth of the warrior cultures, it became easier and easier for men to physically dominate women. And eventually, this domination led to almost complete male control, for thousands of years.

Now, things are changing again. Women, at least in most "civilized" countries, are no longer killed with the consent of the prevailing legal authorities if they are raped or if they have pre or extra-marital sex. They are allowed to own property, and control their own lives to a large extent. They are not property. But, of course, there is still a long way to go. Two-thirds of the women who are killed in the United States are killed by their lovers or husbands. One out of four women will be raped in their lifetime. And the list goes on. But women's status today is an improvement from what it was according to, for example, the ancient Hebrew laws. And it will continue to improve.

For me, it is helpful to know the sources of my oppression so that I can more effectively battle them. But it is fascinating from anyone's viewpoint to examine one of the most radical changes in human history, a change in which social, economic, political, sexual, and spiritual values dramatically shifted. The change from matriarchy to patriarchy, from Goddess to God, from peace to war. This change could be considered the most significant episode to affect our collective fate as humans.

Anderson, Bonnie S. and Zinsser, Judith P. A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present, Volume 1. 1st Edition. New York: Harpercollins, 1988.

Lubell, Winifred Milius. The Metamorphosis of Baubo: Myths of Woman's Sexual Energy. 1st Edition. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 1994.


another interesting article on this topic here

Saturday, October 16, 2004

it's all on karl, his blackberry, and 4 million evangelical christians

this is an interesting analysis from the washington post that underscores the important part that karl rove plays in the upcoming election

Rove maintains loyalty partly by giving it and partly through fear -- several of his friends did not want to be quoted by name because they said if Rove saw their thoughts in the newspaper, they were not likely to be heard from again.

Republicans would not discuss the issue on the record because they said they hope Bush will win, and Rove's power makes them hesitant to cross him. "It befuddles me," said one Republican official working with the campaign. "If they had never had 9/11, you could understand being where we are, because you could say [Bush] never got out from under the cloud of the disputed election. But they had an opportunity no president gets."

But from the president's rhetoric to his choice of audiences to the efforts of the White House staff, the Rove-Bush focus on the base has been unmistakable, and — along with Iraq — will be a big part of the story of his triumph or loss. Democrats contend, and some Republicans fear, that Rove was attentive to the base for far too long, boxing Bush into a corner where he seems always on the attack in a way that may turn off swing voters.

also, some encouraging (?) news

At this point, Bush would have to defy history to win reelection, since polls show the incumbent in a dead-even race and that a majority of voters believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Facing those bleak facts, well-known Republicans are quietly wondering whether Rove's luck has finally run out. So far, most believe he will wind up making a winner of a troublesome hand that he largely dealt himself.

Friday, October 15, 2004

good commercials


i'm glad the democrats grabbed onto this one and made a commercial out of it

"it's not there"

and this is really powerful. a great site.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

jeb (impartial governor) bush

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


so the democratic party has (finally) mobilized a petition to be signed and some other actions people can take to stop the sinclair group from airing "stolen honor," an anti-kerry program that they plan to air during the week before the election on public television stations throughout the country like nbc, cbs, fox and abc.

click here to sign the dnc petition demanding that sinclair take their negative smears off the air.

click here for a list of phone numbers for sinclair stations. i guess the idea is to bombard them with enough pissed off phone calls to make them decide that its not worth it.

from the dnc email:
The Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a conservative broadcasting company that runs television stations in dozens of major television markets nationwide, has ordered its stations to preempt other programming and air an anti-Kerry program days before Election Day.

The so-called "documentary," called "Stolen Honor," was written, produced, and funded by extreme right-wing activists. Sinclair is using its reach to broadcast a blatantly political -- and false -- message while disguising it as "news."

And this isn't the first time the Sinclair corporate office has compromised the journalistic integrity of its stations. It ordered ABC affiliates not to air a nonpartisan tribute to our fallen U.S. soldiers, fearing the consequences for George W. Bush. It has refused to run a DNC ad that challenged Bush for citing faulty intelligence about Iraq. And Sinclair and its executives have contributed thousands of dollars to Republican causes -- and the CEO has given the maximum donation to Bush-Cheney 04.

Monday, October 11, 2004

woman's obituary includes plea to vote for kerry

this is cool and kinda creepy at the same time...

MADISON, Wis. - At first, it reads like a typical obituary -- "she was a mother, homemaker and grandmother."

But then, a Wisconsin newspaper tribute takes a turn and urges people to vote for John Kerry.

The tribute ends by asking people in the swing state to honor her wishes by voting for John Kerry.

this prompted an anonymous caller to say: 'Hopefully On The Day That Bush Gets Elected She'll Burn In Hell'


link via fark

jedi wisdom for bush

yoda: "wars not make one great." (1980)

edit: can you tell what movie i'm watching?

the dnc strikes back

although it remains to be seen if it will have any effect

Anti-Kerry film sparks DNC response

Broadcast Group, owner of the largest chain of television stations in the nation, plans to air a documentary that accuses Sen. John Kerry of betraying American prisoners during the Vietnam War, a newspaper reported Monday.

The reported plan prompted the Democratic National Committee to file a complaint against Sinclair with the Federal Election Commission.

This is the first time the DNC has filed a legal motion against a media organization, said group spokesman Jano Cabrera. Earlier this year, said a DNC statement, Sinclair-owned stations refused to air DNC ads criticizing President Bush.

"This is another example of President Bush's powerful corporate friends doing his dirty work," said Chad Clanton, a spokesman with the Kerry campaign.

"They know Kerry (will not bow) to their corporate interests, so they're willing to break journalistic principles to try and stop him."

(emphasis mine)

awesome quote. it also remains to be seen whether or not THAT is true... but somehow i trust kerry and think he actually has integrity. am i crazy?

what... the world ISN'T safer?

i want to move to europe

Poll: Iraq war hiked terror fears

More than two-thirds of the people living in Australia, Britain and Italy -- three countries allied with the United States in the Iraq war -- believe the war has increased the threat of terrorism.

*note: they forgot poland!

Leaders of those countries -- prime ministers Tony Blair of Britain, John Howard of Australia and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy -- all get low marks from their people for their handling of the war on terrorism, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll shows.

More than half of those in the United States, 52 percent, believe the Iraq war has increased the threat of terrorism, while three in 10 in the United States think it has decreased the threat -- a view promoted by President Bush.

(emphasis mine)


In Australia and each of five European countries polled [Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain], only about one in 20 believe the Iraq war decreased the terror threat.


In Britain, the poll found only one-third approve of Blair's handling of the war on terror. Friday's announcement of the beheading in Iraq of British hostage Kenneth Bigley is likely to increase pressure on Blair.


"The proportion of people worried by the terrorist threat has increased in most of the countries ... since February," said Corman of Ipsos in Belgium. "People feel more and more insecure."

ah chimpy. spreading terror like the plague.

i'm sure his response to this (if he has one) will be something like: "well, these people just don't understand the nature of freedom."

yes, france, who gave us the statue of liberty, knows nothing about freedom.

conversely, the british know ALL about freedom... especially after we won it from them in 1776.

jfk all the way

this was made by an artsypolitical friend of mine.

download it and pass it around!

JFK all the way

Sunday, October 10, 2004

stolen air time

so this is the revenge for fahrenheit 911

Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film

The conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, whose television outlets reach nearly a quarter of the nation's homes with TV, is ordering its stations to preempt regular programming just days before the Nov. 2 election to air a film that attacks Sen. John F. Kerry's activism against the Vietnam War.

Sinclair has told its stations — many of them in political swing states such as Ohio and Florida — to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,"... station and network sources said they have been told the Sinclair stations — which include affiliates of Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as WB and UPN — will be preempting regular programming for one hour between Oct. 21 and Oct. 24, depending on the city.

[Sinclair] made headlines in April when it ordered seven of its stations not to air Ted Koppel's "Nightline" roll call of military dead in Iraq, deeming it a political statement "disguised as news content." Sen. John McCain, the Republican from Arizona who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was among those who criticized Sinclair's decision not to air the "Nightline" program, which featured the names and pictures of more than 700 U.S. troops.

Veritable Streaming Bloody Cunts of Information

i just love that title

i came across this site when i was looking for ways of empowering and reclaiming the word "cunt"

... another possible origin [of the word cunt] is the word ‘kennet’, the name of the River Kennet in Wiltshire, England, the river being an ancient symbol of the source of life. This river flows through a most remarkable area of Neolithic civilization; its silvery form is encountered by all visitors to West Kennet Longbarrow and Silbury Hill.

Shakespeare almost used the word 'cunt' in Hamlet. In Act III Scene ii, there's a rather Sid James/Barbara Windsor moment between the Prince of Denmark and

Hamlet - Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
Ophelia - No, my lord.
Hamlet - I mean my head upon your lap?
Ophelia - Ay, my lord.
Hamlet - Do you think I meant country matters?
Ophelia - I think nothing my lord.
Hamlet - That's a fair thought to lie between maid's legs.

there's some really interesting info there.

what's really amusing is that when i went to my bookmark for this site, i saw some additional stuff... apparently has had some problems with google...

GooglePrudery: Booted for Dissing Dubya

an email from google to blather: "I have reviewed your account history, and see that your ads were disapproved for some of the content under your 'Shitegeist' link that
advocated against George Bush. For example, language such as "How to keep George Bush as the number 1 failure..."

um... scary?

what's funniest is that this is an irish site...

Saturday, October 09, 2004

isbushwired? bush campaign aides laughs it off

they finally addressed it

Bloggers and others began to muse on various Web sites that the bulge could have been a radio receiver that the president's aides could use to give him answers during the debate. One Web site,, is devoted solely to the matter.

"Some people have been spending too many hours looking at left-wing conspiracy Web sites," Stanzel said. "Did you hear the one about Elvis moderating the third debate?"

lol, who us?

how many hits do you think isbushwired is getting right now?

who would have thought the catholic would be the advocate for reproductive rights anyway?

body and soul has a GREAT commentary on kerry's stance on women's rights in the debate last night... and how he won women while bush was busy losing them:

Over the years, I've gotten kind of sick of the phrase "a woman's right to choose." Politicians toss out the phrase, stir in a few remarks about judicial appointments, and then check off that they've done everything necessary to win the votes of single women. Now on to the next issue. Liberal male politicians who say they're for women's rights -- and who don't seem to be aware that any rights other than the right to an abortion are at stake -- are commonplace. Liberal men who really understand, and can communicate, that this is all about women's lives are rarer.

Kerry is one of the ones who gets it.

Kerry has a reputation for speaking in abstractions, but you can't get clearer than, "I'm not going to require a 16-or 17-year-old kid who's been raped by her father and who's pregnant to have to notify her father."

Did Bush respond to that? Not on your life. Literally, not on your life.

He has no moral problem with women dying because of his "simple" moral code. He has no moral problem with further abusing victims. It's pretty simple. It came right up. And that's just the way it is.

After Kerry's straightforward defense of women's lives, Bush sounded like he just didn't give a damn about us.

Women are going to turn that contempt right back on him.

gods, i hope so.

happy birthday john

lennon, that is

i don't know if this picture is photoshopped or not, but it's pretty cool

john and john.JPG

john lennon was born on october 9, 1940

today would be his 64th birthday

i would still need AND feed him...

if you want to be sad (or happy, whichever) and listen to "when i'm 64," it's here

pic courtesy of body and soul

first slut post

the first post talking about the "slut" portion of my blog name

the liberal part should be fairly clear by now.

let me begin by stating the rather obvious fact there is not one "positive" word in the english language to describe a woman who is sexually active outside of committed relationships. some of the descriptors used are: whore, slut, tramp, adulteress, hussy, strumpet, trollop, promiscious, trashy.

and conversely, there is not one "negative" word in the english language to describe a man who is sexually active outside of committed relationships. some descriptors: virile, potent, stud, lucky guy.

if anyone can think of any words i missed, positive or negative, please let me know. i'd love to hear them and revise my theory. i dont mind a little flip flop now and again ;)

sex-positive is the "new" pc word. and i like it. but i like slut better.

from an interview with susie bright:

Everyone in college is "slut-phobic" -- slut being the designation of anyone who is seen to be sexual without remorse or a ring on their finger.

that's the key, the non-relationship sex without remorse or guilt.

i was talking to a friend of mine the other day about guilt after sex. i dont get that. i really dont. unless you've hurt or forced someone, i dont understand where the guilt comes from. he said it was "feeling like you had let yourself down, not lived up to your own standards." maybe that's the problem... i don't have these strong "moral" standards when it comes to sex. for me, if i want to, and the other person/people want to, then there is no ethical problem.

the exception of course is if a person is in a committed relationship. i have never knowingly slept with someone who had a boyfriend/girlfriend. that's one of my strongest ethical positions: don't help people cheat. i myself have never cheated either. i've broken up with partners because i knew i was going to sleep with someone else, but would not do it while someone else believed i was theirs only. i can't live a lie, or act one.

i've always been extremely sexual and open about it. maybe it's because i'm a scorpio. maybe it's because i was raised by hippie liberal parents at a hippie liberal school in berkeley. maybe it's because i rebel against stereotypes, always, and specifically ones having to do with gender.

because i don't fit into a lot of those gender stereotypes. in many ways i am "like a guy" (to frame this discussion within gender stereotypes, which i just rejected, oh well) most of my friends are guys (though i have good female friends as well). i can hang out with the guys, smoke all of them under the table, talk about hot women with them (i'm bi), go to geeky star wars opening things where i am the only girl... and i have a stronger sex drive than probably a good half of my male friends.

besides that, i rebel against social restrictions/constructions in general. drugs are bad? give me more! heroin is the darkest, most secret, backroom drug of them all? yeah, let's do THAT one! and in the FRONT room! screw you! sex with multiple partners is slutty? how about a 7 person orgy? yeah!

and i have never, and pray that i will never, barter sex for other things. i do not require a guy to buy me dinner or tell me he loves me to have sex with him. why? because i reject the idea that women are the sexual gatekeepers and must determine when the sex is to happen based upon the behavior or gifts of the man. because those women who wrote "the rules" need to be destroyed. and, most simply, because I HAVE SEX WHEN I WANT TO.

this can bring up problems, like everything else. if a woman starts feeling romantically attached to a man, most people say it is a bad idea to sleep with him right away, because then he will see you as just a sex friend and not a potential girlfriend. and i have experienced this a few times. and it hurt like hell. but i got over it.

it's kind of a test. if i like someone, and i want to sleep with them right away, and they want to sleep with me right away, then hell yeah, i do it. afterwards, if they pull away, act awkward, are unable to look me in the eye, ignore me at social functions, etc, then i know i have found someone who has a sex/girlfriend dichotomy going on. and i don't want a partner like that. so be it.

on the other hand, if i sleep with someone right away, and they are still interested, and still into me, and we either have a great sexual friendship with no strings attached or we end up falling in love (which has been the case with all of my boyfriends), then i know that i've found someone who hasnt been completely socially constructed into the idea that "sluts make bad girlfriends."

or maybe the ones that fall in love with me do so because i'm great in bed. who's to say? ;)

these men usually have also understood that while i'm "promiscious" when i'm single, when i AM in a committed relationship, i'm the most loyal, devoted and true girlfriend ever (i am a scorpio after all). and these are the men that i want to be with, free-minded, non-misogynist, and most of all, unafraid of the power of female sexuality.

because the fear of that power, of female sexuality, the goddesslike ability to create life from the sexual act, the divine feminine, was and is perhaps the single greatest factor in creating the patriarchal, racist, classist, homophobic, violent society that we live in today.

but that's a topic for another post.

to summarize: i'm proud to be a slut. it's politically, socially and spiritually empowering. and it feels damn good.


the best pic from last night's debate that i've seen so far

link via rising hegemon

america - spreading free elections wherever we go

or not

Afghan candidates boycott election

"...balloting was thrown into turmoil when all but two of the candidates laid down charges of voter fraud and vowed to discount any election results. Polls have since closed."

and after all that self-congratulatory talk from bush and cheney this week...

debate highlights

from the second presidential debate transcript

some of the thoughts going through my head during and after the debate

BUSH: I wasn't happy when we found out there wasn't weapons, and we've got an intelligence group together to figure out why.

wow... did he actually just say that?

BUSH: Saddam Hussein was a threat because he could have given weapons of mass destruction to terrorist enemies. Sanctions were not working. The United Nations was not effective at removing Saddam Hussein.

GIBSON: Senator?

KERRY: The goal of the sanctions was not to remove Saddam Hussein, it was to remove the weapons of mass destruction. And, Mr. President, just yesterday the Duelfer report told you and the whole world they worked. He didn't have weapons of mass destruction, Mr. President. That was the objective.

oh my fucking god was that perfect! i swear i almost came when he said that.

BUSH: I recognize that taking Saddam Hussein out was unpopular. But I made the decision because I thought it was in the right interests of our security.

um, what the fuck are you talking about? it was an EXTREMELY popular war, at least at its inception... you know, when the american public was told that saddam had WMDs and regular dinner parties with bin laden.

anyway, kerry is the one who does things that are unpopular... you're stealing his bit!

KERRY: The president stood right here in this hall four years ago, and he was asked a question by somebody just like you, “Under what circumstances would you send people to war?”

And his answer was, “With a viable exit strategy and only with enough forces to get the job done.”

damn... busted.

KERRY: The military's job is to win the war. A president's job is to win the peace.

oh yes, keep em comin' john!

BUSH: I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft. We're not going to have a draft, period.

wow, are there more internets that we dont know about?

BUSH: In Europe, we have massed troops as if the Soviet Union existed and was going to invade into Europe, but those days are over with. And so we're moving troops out of Europe and replacing it with more effective equipment... there are some really interesting technologies.

"it?" and what are we replacing "it" with... robots? great idea... maybe we can get the governator.

wait a second... isnt this the guy who favors religion over science? why is he invoking science now? ooooh, right, its politically useful. and of course he's also a total hypocrite.

GIBSON: Mr. President, let's extend for a minute...

BUSH: Let me just—I've got to answer this.

GIBSON: Exactly. And with Reservists being held on duty...


BUSH: Let me answer what he just said, about around the world.

GIBSON: Well, I want to get into the issue of the back-door draft...

BUSH: You tell Tony Blair we're going alone. Tell Tony Blair we're going alone. Tell Silvio Berlusconi we're going alone. Tell Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland we're going alone.

i cannot believe that bush yelled at gibson like that, interrupted him and broke "the rule" (remember the chastising edwards received)... that was the WORST MOVE EVER. the media needs to pick that up and run with it! we'll see if they do...

BUSH: This war is a long, long war, and it requires steadfast determination and it requires a complete understanding that we not only chase down al Qaeda but we disrupt terrorist safe havens as well as people who could provide the terrorists with support.

a long, long war huh? THAT'S the way to inspire the american people... idiot.

BUSH: But yes, I'm worried. I'm worried. I'm worried about our country.

oh, well, that's a good one too, i guess...

BUSH: And what my worry is is that, you know, it looks like it's from Canada, and it might be from a third world.

lol... a THIRD world huh? i'm sorry, but the idea of alien medications just cracks me up.

BUSH: Now, he talks about Medicare. He's been in the United States Senate 20 years. Show me one accomplishment toward Medicare that he accomplished.

I've been in Washington, D.C., three and a half years and led the Congress to reform Medicare so our seniors have got a modern health care system. That's what leadership is all about.

KERRY: Actually, Mr. President, in 1997 we fixed Medicare, and I was one of the people involved in it.

We not only fixed Medicare and took it way out into the future, we did something that you don't know how to do: We balanced the budget... (Bush) has added more debt to the debt of the United States in four years than all the way from George Washington to Ronald Reagan put together. Go figure.

oh DAMN! no he DIDNT!

goddamn he's kicking ass.

BUSH: First, the National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all. And that's saying something in that bunch. You might say that took a lot of hard work.

The reason I bring that up is because he's proposed $2.2 trillion in new spending, and he says he going to tax the rich to close the tax gap.

He can't. He's going to tax everybody here to fund his programs. That's just reality.

well, it's nice that bush acknowledges that a democratic senator can also do hard work (hard, hard, hard work)... too bad its the wrong senator

and... kerry's going to tax everyone in that audience? that's reality? has bush ever taken a 5th grade math class? silly question, i know...

KERRY: Do you know what he presented us with? A $25 billion giveaway to the biggest corporations in America, including a $254 million refund check to Enron.

oh yeah... that's right, bring up enron! bring it on!

careful with all the big numbers though, he's blinking a LOT... we don't want him to have a seizure or anything...

BUSH: Is my time up yet?

GIBSON: No, you can keep going.

damn straight your time is up! get the fuck out of there and go back to your goddamn ranch!

BUSH: Yes, I mean, he's got a record. It's been there for 20 years. You can run, but you can't hide.

does he think kerry is bin laden? wtf is that?

BUSH: (lying about his environmental policies, for which he will spend an eternity in the fires of hades) I've got a plan to increase the wetlands by 3 million.

3 million what? wetlands?

BUSH: We proposed and passed a healthy forest bill which was essential to working with—particularly in Western states—to make sure that our forests were protected.
What happens in those forests, because of lousy federal policy, is they grow to be—they are not—they're not harvested. They're not taken care of. And as a result, they're like tinderboxes. We've got a good, common-sense policy.

yeah, that's JUST what i was thinking. cutting down old-growth redwoods to "protect our forests" is really good common sense.

BUSH: I guess you'd say I'm a good steward of the land.

ok, i dont even believe in hell, but he is definitely going there.

KERRY: I'm going to be a president who believes in science.

oh, goddess, dare i hope?

KERRY: You can't stop all outsourcing, Charlie. I've never promised that. I'm not going to, because that would be pandering. You can't.

is it naive of me to think that this man actually has integrity?

BUSH: I own a timber company?

That's news to me.

Need some wood?

jesus christ... no, but i would like your head on a pike, you lying piece of shit.

BUSH: Let me make sure you understand my decision. Those stem- cells lines already existed. The embryo had already been destroyed prior to my decision.

I had to make the decision to destroy more life, so we continue to destroy life—I made the decision to balance science and ethics.

he so has no idea what the hell he's talking about. that makes no sense.

and he doesn't seem to have any problem with destroying iraqi lives.

and a balance of science and "ethics" (read: christianity) is really not what i think the founding fathers meant when they wrote a separation of church and state into the constitution...

BUSH: I wouldn't pick a judge who said that the Pledge of Allegiance couldn't be said in a school because it had the words “under God” in it. I think that's an example of a judge allowing personal opinion to enter into the decision-making process as opposed to a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

well, considering that "under god" wasnt IN the original pledge of allegiance, i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that using it is NOT actually a "strict interpretation of the constitution." in fact, it's the exact opposite.

BUSH: Another example would be the Dred Scott case, which is where judges, years ago, said that the Constitution allowed slavery because of personal property rights.

ok, so he wouldnt appoint anyone who believes in the legalization of slavery. phew! that's a relief. i'm really glad he delved into such a relevant current event.

KERRY: A few years ago when he came to office, the president said—these are his words—"What we need are some good conservative judges on the courts" ... Will we have equal opportunity? Will women's rights be protected? Will we have equal pay for women, which is going backwards? Will a woman's right to choose be protected?

i heart kerry

KERRY: But I can't take what is an article of faith for me and legislate it for someone who doesn't share that article of faith, whether they be agnostic, atheist, Jew, Protestant, whatever. I can't do that... as a president, I have to represent all the people in the nation.

gods, how long have i been waiting to hear a politician say that?! i dont think clinton even said anything like that!

KERRY: That's why I think it's important for the United States, for instance, not to have this rigid ideological restriction on helping families around the world to be able to make a smart decision about family planning.

You'll help prevent AIDS.

You'll help prevent unwanted children, unwanted pregnancies.

You'll actually do a better job, I think, of passing on the moral responsibility that is expressed in your question. And I truly respect it.

he's amazing, the way he was able to critique the religious right and their influence on this administration, yet still convey a message of true morality.

BUSH: I'm trying to decipher that.

no comment.

KERRY: Well, again, the president just said, categorically, my opponent is against this, my opponent is against that. You know, it's just not that simple. No, I'm not. I'm against the partial-birth abortion, but you've got to have an exception for the life of the mother and the health of the mother under the strictest test of bodily injury to the mother.

BUSH: Well, it's pretty simple when they say: Are you for a ban on partial birth abortion? Yes or no?

ok, so... he's just gonna skip over that whole "life of the mother" thing? that made him look SO BAD. like he truly doesnt care about women's lives.

goddamn he's stupid. or evil. or both.


gibson sucks. he seems super conservative, and was favoring bush throughout that entire debate. not cool.

i loved the way kerry kept invoking mccain.

i'm feeling pretty optimistic right now *knock wood* i think i'm gonna sleep well tonight.